What is Oracle Premier Support vs Extended Support?

. Premier Support provides a standard five-year support policy for Oracle Technology products. You can extend support for an additional three years with Extended Support for specific releases or receive indefinite technical support with Sustaining Support.Click to see full answer. Thereof, what is the difference between Oracle Premier and extended support?Premier Support is Oracle’s standard support which is provided for a period of five years from the launch date of a new production release of a specific product. Extended Support is provided for a period of three years and becomes available as of the date on which the Premier Support service offering ends.Furthermore, is Oracle 12c still supported? Extended Support for Database 12.1 runs to July 31, 2021. The Extended Support fee for Oracle Database 12c 12.1 has been waived to July 31, 2019. See: Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1) Also Know, what is Oracle extended support? Extended Support Puts you in control of your Database, Middleware, and Applications upgrade strategy by providing additional maintenance and upgrades for Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications for an additional fee.Is Oracle 11g supported?Oracle Premier Support for 11.2. 0.4 (11G) came to an end back in 2015, with Extended Support due to expire in 2020. Oracle made the decision to waive the 11G Extended Support fee for users with a valid support contract until December 2018.

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