What is penile torsion?

Penile torsion is a fairly common congenital (present from birth) condition that can affect any male infant. With this condition, the infant’s penis appears rotated, or twisted, on its axis. The penis is almost always rotated to the left (counter-clockwise).Click to see full answer. Just so, does penile torsion correct itself?Surgeons do not usually correct penile torsion alone unless it approaches 90 degrees. Usually, doctors repair penile torsion at the same time as performing circumcision. Sometimes penile torsion occurs along with hypospadias, and it may be improved, at least to some extent, during hypospadias repair.Furthermore, can circumcision cause penile curvature? When a child is circumcised, sometimes the skin from the penis attaches to the head of the penis and forms adhesions. These infections may be due to the adhesions or if the adhesions are so dense (penile skin bridges) that they can actually cause discomfort or curvature of the penis with erections. In respect to this, is penile torsion genetic? The etiology of penile torsion is not known, but it may be genetic. Many authors have suggested that the underlying cause of congenital penile torsion is the abnormal skin and dartos fascia attachment.Does hypospadias repair effect size?After adjusting for severity of hypospadias, the team reports there was still no significant difference in length. The researchers explain that patient satisfaction with hypospadias surgery is linked to the achievement of a straight penis, but also to cosmesis, with size as an important factor.

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