What is premix fuel?

Premix fuel is an in-country blend of fuel, made for use by the fishing industry. It has similar properties to gasoline, but with an octane number of 82. It is dyed blue to differentiate it from other fuels.Click to see full answer. Then, is premixed fuel better?Pre-Mixed Fuel Burns Cleaner. Premium fuel is not only better for your equipment—it’s better for the environment, too. High-octane gas and high-quality, synthetic oil are odor-free and burn cleanly, so you can operate your two-stroke equipment worry-free.Also Know, what is premix oil? It is true that 2-strokes require what’s called premix which is a mixture of gasoline and oil. The oil acts as a lubricant in the engine and burns off with the fuel as you ride. Four types of 2-stroke oil exist: Petroleum based. Castor/Ester based. Also know, can TruFuel be mixed with regular gas? TruFuel is fuel it is not a fuel additive. For best results use up the fuel in the tank and pour the TruFuel into the empty tank. You can add this to old gas, but you only really get the benefit of being able to leave it over the winter if there is only this fuel in the motor.How long will 2 stroke fuel last? 6 to 8 weeks

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