What is PrepU?

PrepU is the only adaptive learning system created specifically for the NCLEX. PrepU is an adaptive learning system designed to provide students with an environment in which they can effectively and efficiently practice and master content across the nursing curriculum.Click to see full answer. Correspondingly, how do I become a PrepU?In order to login to PrepU, you first need to redeem your Access Code at thePoint: http://thepoint.lww.com/activate. 1. If you haven’t registered at thePoint before, go to http://thepoint.lww.com/activate and enter your Access Code where indicated then select Submit Code. 2.One may also ask, is there a PrepU app? PrepU, the online adaptive assessment platform built by educators, today announced two new adaptive learning iOS mobile applications for PrepU AP US History and PrepU AP Psychology. “PrepU’s mobile applications are just as full-featured and effective as our web-based adaptive learning applications. Consequently, is PrepU good for Nclex? In Study 1, results indicated that students who used prepU during their final semester at nursing school had a higher (98.7%) NCLEX pass rate compared to the national NCLEX passing average (87.89%). Of the students who responded to the survey, 65.8% continued to use prepU after graduation to help prepare for the NCLEX.What is Course point?Lippincott’s CoursePoint is the only integrated digital course solution for nursing education. The powerful integration of adaptive learning with the premium digital course content and interactive resources provides a truly personalized learning experience that is structured in the way students study.

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