What is Session attribute?

Session attributes are bound to a Session, as a mean to provide state to a set of related HTTP requests. Session attributes are available ONLY to those Servlets which join the session. They’re also unavailable to different JVMs in distributed scenarios.Click to see full answer. People also ask, what is Session attribute in spring?@SessionAttributes annotation is used to store the model attribute in the session. This annotation is used at controller class level. @SessionAttribute annotation is used to retrieve the existing attribute from session that is managed globally and it is used at method parameter as shown follows.One may also ask, what is Session attribute in JSP? JSP session Attribute. In JSP, session attribute of page directive specifies if the current JSP page takes part in the current HTTP session or not. Attribute session may either take the boolean value true or false. Subsequently, one may also ask, what are session attributes Java? Session Attributes are global attributes (They can access in all servlets/JSP in a web application) but they are specific to a browser window (Created browser window by request). Session attributes are the name (String) and value (Object) pairs. Session attribute allocates memory in the HttpSession object.What is model attribute?The @ModelAttribute annotation refers to the property of the Model object and is used to prepare the model data. This annotation binds a method variable or the model object to a named model attribute. If no value attribute is supplied then, Either the value would default to the return type name in case of the methods.

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