What is Seth Curry’s number?

30 Dallas Mavericks / Point guard, Shooting guard Click to see full answer Likewise, people ask, what’s Seth Curry’s net worth?Seth Curry net worth and salary: Seth Curry is an American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $4 million. His 2018-2019 salary with the Portland Trail Blazers is a shade under $3 million. Between his league debut in 2014 and the 2019 playoffs, Seth earned around $9 million in total salary.Additionally, what is Curry’s number? 30 Golden State Warriors / Point guard, Shooting guard In this manner, what number was Seth Curry? Seth Curry No. 30 – Dallas Mavericks High school Charlotte Christian (Charlotte, North Carolina) College Liberty (2008–2009) Duke (2010–2013) NBA draft 2013 / Undrafted Playing career 2013–present What is Seth Curry’s overall?Seth Curry NBA 2K20 overall rating is 79. His 3-Point attribute is 86 while his Driving Dunk attribute is 36. Overall Rating.

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