What is silver needle white tea good for?

Antioxidants found in this tea also promote heart health and strength by lowering bad cholesterol levels and strengthening blood vessels. Silver Needle White Tea may also aid in preventing blood clots that are responsible for heart attacks and strokes and protecting heart tissues from potential damage.Click to see full answer. In this manner, what is the benefits of white tea?White tea has been shown to protect the body against certain diseases and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disorders. It also provides natural antibacterial properties, helps with weight loss, and can lower bad cholesterol.One may also ask, when should you drink white tea? Drink three cups of white tea every day for maximum benefit. Space tea drinking times out a few hours throughout the day. Try drinking one cup of white tea after every meal. Do not drink before bedtime, to avoid staying up all night, as white tea does contain caffeine. Keeping this in view, why is silver needle tea so expensive? Silver Needle is the most expensive of the white teas that is made only from the single tips of the tea stem, which when dried, look like silver needles,” says Anamika Singh. Since the tea buds were only sun-dried, they were able to retain maximum flavour of the tea.Which is better for you white tea or green tea?Green tea is considered rich in antioxidants. However since white tea is less processed, it retains a higher amount of antioxidants, compared to green. However, considering white tea contains more antioxidants and less caffeine, white tea would be an even healthier choice.

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