What is the ADA height for a hand dryer?

38 inches to 48 inches Click to see full answer. Then, what makes a hand dryer ADA compliant?“Hands in” type dryers are typically mounted with bottom surfaces less than 27 inches above the floor and are not restricted in the depth of projection from the wall. Mounting height and protrusion are the most important factors. The key dimension to achieve ADA compliance is the depth of the hand dryer from the wall.Furthermore, how far does a hand dryer have to be away from a sink? Leaving a horizontal distance of at least 60cm between dryers and baths, sinks, toilets and water sources is usually essential – as this diagram shows. If that’s simply not possible, hand dryers such as the Gorillo Blade dryer have a rating of IPx4, meaning you can place them within the 60cm zone if necessary. what height should hand dryers be? Align the top of the hand dryer above the floor to: Male – 1050 mm. Female – 975 mm. Child/Disabled – 875 mm.What are ADA requirements for bathrooms? According to the 2010 update to ADAAG, the basic ADA guidelines for a single-user restroom are: 30-inch by 48-inch access to the sink (the door can’t swing into this rectangle). The center line of the toilet must be between 16 and 18 inches from the side wall.

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