What is the average dining chair height?

If you measure from the top of the table to the floor, most dining tables range from 28 to 31 inches high; a 30-inch height is the most common. From the top of the seat to the floor, dining chairs frequently range from 17 to 20 inches high.Click to see full answer. Moreover, are dining chairs a standard height? Height of chairs You don’t want your guests to be knocking knees! The average height for a dining table is 30 inches, so dining chairs generally need to be around 18 inches high. There should be around 12 inches between the tabletop and the seat.Likewise, what is a normal chair height? Chair heights generally range up to 17–19 inches (43–48cm) from the chair leg to the top of the seat, while stool heights can range from 16–23 inches (40–58cm) due to their minimalism. These chair heights are standard to fit under tables from 28–30 inches (71–76cm). Keeping this in consideration, what is the proper height for a table chair? Chair heights are generally in the range of 17 inches to 19 inches or 42 cm to 47cm from the top of the seat to the chair leg. These chair height would fit under tables from 28-31 inches or 71 cm to 77cm.What is the standard size of a dining room chair?Dining Chair: The seat height averages 18″ to 20″, seat width averages about 15-1/2″ in back and 18″ in front, and average seat depth is 16″ to 18″. If armrests are used, they should be 7″ to 9″ above the seat but able to fit under the table apron.

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