What is the best type of space heater?

Combination heaters provide the best of both of these heaters. They use a fan to help distribute heat throughout the home but are not as efficient as the other heaters. They are a good choice for almost anywhere in your home. Electric space heaters produce one unit of heat for every one unit of electricity.Click to see full answer. Just so, what is the most efficient type of space heater?Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that directly heats objects and people within their line of sight, and are a more efficient choice when you will be in a room for only a few hours and can stay within the line of sight of the heater. what is the best kind of heater for a bedroom? Convection heaters are best where quick heat is not a priority and silence is a requirement, this makes them great for bedrooms. Convection heaters are not recommended for families with children or pets since the surfaces of these heaters are hot to the touch. Also question is, how do I choose a space heater? Choose a space heater by first considering the type of heating which works best for you. Second, think about the style–portable, baseboard, or wall–and where you want to place the heater. Determine the heating power required based on the size of the space you want to heat, and be sure to check for safety features.Which type of space heater is safest?Infrared heaters are the most energy efficient type of space heater. They send out infrared beams that only heat what the beams touch, a little like the rays of the sun. Safety Features: Overheat and Tip-over shut off. Pros: 1000/1500 watts.

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