What is the difference between a gage and a plum?

Plums are Prunus domestica – Generally the biggest fruit and used for eating and cooking. Gages are a subspecies of Prunus domestica more commonly known as Prunus insititia – Generally smaller than plums and used for eating as can be very sweet. Skins tend to be yellow or Green coloured.Click to see full answer. Similarly, what is a gage plum?Compact Green Gage plum trees produce fruit that is sublimely sweet. They are a naturally occurring hybrid of the European plum, Prunus domestica and P. insititia, a species that includes Damsons and Mirabelles. The tree is self-fertile, small with low branches and a rounded habit. do Greengages turn purple? It is certainly not the colour, for there are purple greengages in the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale in Kent and the Bryanston Gages that I pigged out on at dawn were the colour of amber. There they were generally known as ‘Reine Claudes’ after the consort of King Francois I. Also question is, what is the difference between a damson and a plum? Let’s start with the basics: first and foremost, plums tend to be predominantly round, whereas damsons are characterised by an oblong-oval shape. But an even more obvious differentiating feature is that plums have a pronounced, grooved longitudinal seam, whereas the same seam on damsons is far more difficult to see.What do Greengages taste like?The Greengage plum is deceptive in its looks, perhaps suggesting sour flavors with its unripe shades of mottled green and a taste similar to that of a tart granny smith apple. Rather, they have some of the highest sugar levels measurable, some reading almost 30 brix on the refractometer.

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