What is the difference between git rebase and git pull?

So git pull is similar to git fetch & git merge . Rebasing is an alternative to merging. Instead of creating a new commit that combines the two branches, it moves the commits of one of the branches on top of the other. You can pull using rebase instead of merge ( git pull –rebase ).Click to see full answer. Also asked, what is the difference between git pull and git rebase?git pull and git rebase are not interchangeable, but they are closely connected. git pull fetches the latest changes of the current branch from a remote and applies those changes to your local copy of the branch. Generally this is done by merging, i.e. the local changes are merged into the remote changes.One may also ask, what is git rebase example? Rebase is one of two Git utilities that specializes in integrating changes from one branch onto another. The other change integration utility is git merge . Merge is always a forward moving change record. Alternatively, rebase has powerful history rewriting features. Similarly, what is rebasing in git? In Git, the rebase command integrates changes from one branch into another. It is an alternative to the better known “merge” command. Most visibly, rebase differs from merge by rewriting the commit history in order to produce a straight, linear succession of commits.Why is git pull bad?Several recent changes to Git have made it easier to use git pull properly, but unfortunately the default behavior of a plain git pull has several problems: it introduces unnecessary nonlinearities in the history. it makes it easy to accidentally reintroduce commits that were intentionally rebased out upstream.

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