What is the difference between historic and prehistoric?What is the difference between historic and prehistoric?

The main difference between history and prehistory is the existence of records; history is the recorded events of the past whereas Prehistory is the time before writing was introduced. Thus, history is an area that deals with written records of the past. The term prehistory literally means before history.Click to see full answer. Hereof, what is the difference between prehistoric and historic Archaeology?With prehistory meaning the time before the development of writing, prehistoric archaeology is the study of cultures that existed before the time of written record. Unlike prehistoric archaeology, historical archaeology is the study of the physical remains of cultures with written records.Also Know, what is difference between history and past? History, by contrast, is an interpretation, or rather a process by which people interpret records left over from the past. History is a process of interpreting evidence in a thoughtful and informed way. History is the narrative that gives meaning, sense and explanatory force to the past in the present. People also ask, what is the difference between prehistoric and historic Archaeology quizlet? Archaeology can be divided into historical archaeology and prehistoric archaeology. The main difference between these two disciplines involves the availability of the written record of a civilization. European archaeologists connect their research to the field of history.What is prehistoric history?prehistory. Prehistory refers to the period of time before civilization and writing. We don’t know a lot about prehistory. Since pre means “before,” and history is the record of human events, prehistory refers to the time before human civilization developed and started writing things down.

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