What is the difference between round and square hay bales?

Hay can be baled in many different shapes and sizes. The shape of the hay bales comes down to the baling equipment that is used. Older balers produced square or rectangular bales while newer balers usually produce round bales of hay. Large round bales require less time to dry between cutting and baling.Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, how many square bales of hay are in a round bale?For example, if the round bale weighs 1,000 pounds, then it equals 20 of your 50-pound small square bales. If the large round-bale weighs 1,200 pounds and the small square bales weigh 40 pounds, then one large round hay bale would be equal to 30 small square bales.Beside above, why is some hay rolled instead of baled? They can be stored easier because you have to protect them from moisture so they do not spoil. Horses will not eat spoiled hay or if they do they can become ill. Cows, on the other hand can and do eat anything. Big, rolled bales sit out in the weather and can last a long time depending on how large your herd is. Hereof, what are the round hay bales for? Farmers often bale hay in large round bales instead of small square bales because they require less labor to bale and move than small square bales. The shape of round bales enables them to be stored outside, something you would never do with square bales. Rain and snow naturally run off their curved sides, like a roof.What shape is a bale of hay?Some are small square or rectangular bales, while others are huge round bales. Why is that? Farmers who grow hay can bale it in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending upon the particular baling equipment they purchase. Most older balers produced square or rectangular bales of varying sizes.

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