What is the four Gospels?

In Christian tradition, the Four Evangelists are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the authors attributed with the creation of the four Gospel accounts in the New Testament that bear the following titles: Gospel according to Matthew; Gospel according to Mark; Gospel according to Luke and Gospel according to John.Click to see full answer. Thereof, what are the Gospels and why are there four of them?The reason we have four Gospels is because the four authors were members of different communities, facing different concerns and challenges. It is important to read the Gospels because it is a way for us to personally meet Jesus and to understand his message in his life.Beside above, why are the four gospels different? The four Gospel writers were no different. They had a story to tell and a message to share, but they also had a definitive audience to which that message was intended. Therefore, each Gospel writer essentially marketed God’s good news of Jesus Christ as necessary in order to most effectively convey the message. Also to know is, what are the 5 Gospels? “There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…and the Christian. But most people never read the first four.” There are any number of books on how to do evangelism. This book is different?it’s an invitation to actually live out the message of the gospel.Where do the Gospels come from?The word gospel is derived from the Anglo-Saxon term god-spell, meaning “good story,” a rendering of the Latin evangelium and the Greek euangelion, meaning “good news” or “good telling.” Since the late 18th century the first three have been called the Synoptic Gospels, because the texts, set side by side, show a

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