What is the history between the Nuer and the Dinka tribes?

South Sudan’s two predominant and most populous tribes, the Dinka and Nuer were longtime rivals who had battled over land and resources since at least the 19th century. As herders most historical inter-communal conflicts between these two communities are necessitated by geographic and not necessarily political factors.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in view, when did the Dinka and Nuer start fighting?In 1998, it held its first people-to-people event between Dinka and Nuer officials in Lokichokio, Kenya, which helped pacifying Dinka and Nuer relations in the eastern part of South Sudan, while fighting continued in the western part of the country.Beside above, where did the Dinka tribe came from? Dinka, also called Jieng, people who live in the savanna country surrounding the central swamps of the Nile basin primarily in South Sudan. They speak a Nilotic language classified within the Eastern Sudanic branch of the Nilo-Saharan languages and are closely related to the Nuer. Herein, what is the difference between Dinka and Nuer? The Dinka. The Nuer, a tall and very dark people, are related to the Dinka, who live to their west, and their culture is very similar. The Nuer call themselves Naath, meaning “human beings.” The Nuer, Dinka and Atwot (Atuot) are sometimes considered one ethnic group.What impact did the use of guns have on the conflict between the Dinka and the Nuer tribes?Guns had a negative impact on the two tribes. wamions were killed – women and children were off limits. Also, guns were new weapons and so the tribes felt you could use them and not be quilty for it.

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