What is the importance of sea power?

The main purpose of sea power has always been to protect friendly shipping from enemy attack and to destroy or hinder the enemy’s shipping—both commercial and military.Click to see full answer. In this way, what are the two characters of sea power?He famously listed six fundamental elements of sea power: geographical position, physical conformation, extent of territory, size of population, character of the people, and character of government.Also, what is the definition of sea power quizlet? DEFINITION: the economic policy of using government powers to increase the economic power of the state. Policy adopted by nations with small navies. Hereof, what is the sea power theory? The basic idea of the theory of A. Mahan is Marinism, according to which the fate of mankind is solved by the expanses of the oceans, and the driving force of progress is the competition between the sea and the land forces. Considering sea power as the most important factor in the formation of world domination, A.Who coined sea power? Mahan

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