What is the intersection of altitudes called?

orthocenter Click to see full answer. In respect to this, where do all three altitudes of a triangle intersect? orthocenter Also, what is an example of altitude? Definition: an altitude is a segment from the vertex of a triangle to the opposite side and it must be perpendicular to that segment (called the base). As the picture below shows, sometimes the altitude does not directly meet the opposite side of the triangle. In this manner, is altitude always 90 degree? In geometry, the altitude is a line that passes through two very specific points on a triangle: a vertex, or corner of a triangle, and its opposite side at a right, or 90-degree, angle. This is because it touches a vertex of the triangle.What is the formula for altitude of a right triangle?Reversing that, the height of any triangle is it’s area divided by half its base. Multiply the two sides that make up the 90° angle and divide by two to get the area of the triangle. Then divide that area by half the hypotenuse to get the height to the hypotenuse. WOW!

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