What is the intravascular space?

intravascular space. The space contained within blood vessels. The main intravascular fluid is blood.Click to see full answer. Hereof, what is the intravascular compartment?The intravascular compartment contains fluid (i.e., blood) within the cardiac chambers and vascular system of the body. The extravascular system is everything outside of the intravascular compartment. Fluid and electrolytes readily move between these two compartments.Likewise, where is intravascular space? The intracellular compartment consists of fluid contained within all the body cells. The extracellular compartment contains all the fluids outside the cells, including fluid in the interstitial (tissue) spaces, and that in the intravascular space (blood vessels). Also, what is the intravascular fluid? intravascular fluid. That portion of the total body fluid contained within blood and lymphatic vessels. See also: fluid.What is the extravascular space?extravascular space. The space that surrounds the cells of a given tissue, which is filled with interstitial fluid which bathes and surrounds cells.

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