What is the legal age for alcohol in Ohio?

21 Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, can 18 year olds sell alcohol in Ohio?A person must be at least 18 years old to serve or sell alcoholic beverages in closed and sealed containers, at least 19 years old to sell alcoholic beverages in open containers (e.g., glasses) as a server, and at least 21 years old to be a bartender. It is illegal in Ohio to sell alcohol to an intoxicated person.Also Know, can my wife drink if she under 21? All states prohibit providing alcohol to persons under 21, although states may have limited exceptions relating to lawful employment, religious activities, or consent by a parent, guardian, or spouse. Subsequently, one may also ask, can you drink alcohol in your own home under 21? ANSWER: NO; the only way the under age guests can drink alcohol at your house is if they have a parent, guardian or spouse 21 years old or over PHYSICALLY PRESENT with them at the party. ANSWER: NO, unless you are the parent, guardian or spouse of those you are buying the alcohol for.What states allow drinking at 18? U.S. history of alcohol minimum purchase age by state State Pre-Prohibition (prior to 1919) 1980s / Drinking Age Act of 1984 Arizona ? 1985: Raised to 21 Arkansas Pre 1925: None 1925: 21 21 California Pre 1891: Regulated by municipality/county (common age was 16) 1891: 18 (statewide) 21 Colorado None Raised to 21 in 1987

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