What is the main product of a cell?

Cellular respiration is this process in which oxygen and glucose are used to create ATP, carbon dioxide, and water. ATP, carbon dioxide, and water are all products of this process because they are what is created.Click to see full answer. Considering this, what are the main products produced in a cell?The products of cellular respiration are carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide is transported from your mitochondria out of your cell, to your red blood cells, and back to your lungs to be exhaled. ATP is generated in the process.Additionally, what is typical cell? While there are unique features of a fertilized egg, this first cell of life is also typical of the billions of cells that will eventually make up the human body. The typical cell has a variety of parts. The basic components of typical cell is. Nucleus. Cell membrane. Also question is, what are the products of cells? Cell theory states that all living organisms are made up of cells & cell products. What are ‘cell products’? The cells produce enzymes,harmones,proteins etc. to carryout cellular functions.So they are called cell products.What are the main functions of a cell?Cells provide six main functions. They provide structure and support, facilitate growth through mitosis, allow passive and active transport, produce energy, create metabolic reactions and aid in reproduction.

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