What is the medical term for after surgery?

Postop: Short for postoperative; after a surgical operation.Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what does postoperative mean in medical terms? Medical Definition of postoperative 1 : relating to, occurring in, or being the period following a surgical operation postoperative care. 2 : having recently undergone a surgical operation a postoperative patient. Other Words from postoperative. postoperatively adverb.Also, what defines a surgical procedure? surgical-procedure. Noun. (plural surgical procedures) (medicine) A procedure in which one or more incisions are made into the body in order to repair damage or remove diseased tissue; an operation. Beside above, what is a post op? Post-op may refer to: Short for postoperative; after a surgical operation. The opposite of post-op is pre-op. With reference to a transgender person: having had sex reassignment surgery.What are surgical suffixes?Suffixes. -centesis : surgical puncture. -tripsy : crushing or breaking up. -desis : fusion of two parts into one, stabilization. -ectomy : surgical removal (see List of -ectomies).

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