What is the molarity of sodium chloride in seawater?

With the unreasonable assumption that all 35.9 g are NaCl, we can divide by the molar mass of NaCl (58.44 g/mole) and find that the molarity of salt in seawater is about 0.61.Click to see full answer. Besides, what is the molarity of sodium chloride in sea water?Given:Sea water contains roughly 28.0 g of NaCl per liter.Furthermore, what is the molarity of Na+ in a solution of NaCl? The solution, instead, is 0.1 M in Na+ and 0.1 M in Cl–. The formality of NaCl, however, is 0.1 F because it represents the total amount of NaCl in solution. Beside above, how do you find the molarity of a salt solution? Explanation: The molarity of a solution is the concentration of moles of solute per liter of solution, mol/L . The mass of NaCl must be converted to grams and then moles. 1 g=1000 mg. Divide the mass of NaCl by its molar mass by multiplying by its inverse. 1 L=1000 mL. What is the molarity of 5.00 grams of NaOH in 750.0 mL of solution?0.01 7.

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