What is the purpose of a nasal speculum?

Speculum, nasal: An instrument used to widen the opening of a nostril so the inside can be more easily seen. “Speculum” is the Latin word for mirror.Click to see full answer. Furthermore, how do you hold your nose in speculum? Nasal Cavity Place the index finger in the middle of the speculum. Use your middle and ring finger to support the speculum on each side. Secondly, how do you assess your nose? Check patency of each side and ask the patient to sniff. To assess the nasal airway hold a cold metal tongue compressor under the nose while the patient exhales and note the condensation under both nostrils, or occlude one nostril whilst the patient sniffs to give a reasonable idea of airway patency. Also, how do you describe nasal mucosa? The nasal mucosa, also called respiratory mucosa, lines the entire nasal cavity, from the nostrils (the external openings of the respiratory system) to the pharynx (the uppermost section of the throat). The external skin of the nose connects to the nasal mucosa in the nasal vestibule.Why do nasal turbinates swell?The turbinates are thin, bony plates inside your nose. Allergies or a lengthy cold can irritate them and cause them to swell, or enlarge. The swelling makes it hard for you to breathe. Another cause of the swelling is overuse of decongestant nasal sprays.

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