What is the theme of discovering Wes Moore?What is the theme of discovering Wes Moore?

Theme: Wes grew a lot through the choices he made. Change: He changed from this theme because he remembered the choices he made in his life and that knowledge helped him grow.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in view, what is the theme of the other Wes Moore?The theme of the book The Other Wes Moore is Life Choices. The other Wes Moore changed his life when he was arrested for the “shooting” of Sergeant Bruce Prothero. This changed his life for the worse because he was sensed for life in jail.Additionally, what is the tone of the other Wes Moore? Tone: While the story is going on the author is neutral but dramatic. Major Conflict: The struggle of growing up in a drug infested, high crime, and low-income rate environment and the two different outcomes. Climax: When the other Wes was involved in the murder of Sgt. Prothero and sentenced to life in prison. In this regard, what is the author’s purpose in the other Wes Moore? While one Wes Moore was sentenced to life in prison, the author Wes Moore became a Rhodes Scholar and a best-selling author. Moore’s purpose in writing the story is to examine how two people with such similar backgrounds can end up with completely different lives.What happens in the other Wes Moore?The other Wes Moore attempted to escape a life of crime, but he robbed a jewelry store as part of a scheme with three other men, including his brother, Richard Antonio “Tony” Moore, on February 7, 2000. Tony Moore shot and murdered Sergeant Bruce A. Prothero during the getaway.

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