What is the weather like in San Francisco in June and July?

June is a popular summer month in San Francisco and sees an influx of tourists as the average temperatures are in a pleasant range of 53°F (11.7°C) to 66°F (18.9°C). Mornings are foggy during the summer, with sunny afternoons and long days with almost 15 hours of brilliant daylight.Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, is June a good time to visit San Francisco?The best times to visit San Francisco are in the spring and fall months of May, June, September and October, when weather is generally clear and mild, and tourist season isn’t at its peak. May, June, September, and early October are the best months to visit San Francisco.One may also ask, how hot is San Francisco in June? In most years, San Francisco averages a daily maximum temperature for June that’s between 64 and 69 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 20 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 51 and 54 °F (11 to 12 °C). The days at San Francisco continue to warm up gradually during June. Also to know is, what is the weather like in San Francisco in early June? San Francisco weather in June is mild overall with daytime high temperatures averaging near 68 F (20 C) early in the month and near 70 F (21 C) by the end of the month.Is July a good month to visit San Francisco?Bring layers, and despite the chill, expect crowds. Events to check-out: San Francisco’s chilly summer weather means July is a great month for indoor activities, including film festivals.

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