What is unstructured interview in qualitative research?

Unstructured interviews in qualitative research involve asking relatively open-ended questions of research participants in order to discover their percepts on the topic of interest. Unstructured interviews, often referred to as open interviews, exist at the other end of the interview continuum.Click to see full answer. Similarly, what is an unstructured interview in research?An unstructured interview is an interview in which there is no specific set of predetermined questions, although the interviewers usually have certain topics in mind that they wish to cover during the interview. Unstructured interviews flow like an everyday conversation and tend to be more informal and open-ended.Also, what is an example of an unstructured interview? An unstructured interview is a spontaneous conversation, not a specific set of questions asked in a predetermined order. EXAMPLE: Early in your field work you should have several conversations about different childhood illnesses in the community. Also, is a unstructured interview qualitative or quantitative? Definition of Unstructured Interview Unstructured Interview is one, that does not use any fixed format, however, the interviewer may have a few planned questions prepared beforehand. It is a qualitative research method, in which the questions are prepared during the interview.What is the purpose of unstructured interview?An unstructured interview or non-directive interview is an interview in which questions are not prearranged. This nature of conversation allows for spontaneity and for questions to develop during the course of the interview, which are based on the interviewees’ responses.

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