What is wet point settlement?

Wet point settlement is the place where the settlements are built close to the water supplies with appropriate dry point measures to avoid excess water in case of floods.Click to see full answer. People also ask, what is wet point?The site of a settlement is the land upon which it was built. There are a range of factors that can determine the site of a settlement. These are: wet point site – these are sites close to a supply of water. dry point site – these are sites that avoided the risk of flooding.Subsequently, question is, what are the factors of settlement? The Site of a settlement describes the physical nature of where it is located. Factors such as water supply, building materials, quality of soil, climate, shelter and defence were all considered when settlements were first established. Beside this, what is dry point settlement? Dry point settlement means the site of a settlement which located in a higher land or avoids land prone to flooding such as a gravel mound or the valley site.What reasons influenced the location of the settlement?Physical factors that influence the location of a settlement include ; Water suppy – settlements need water, Defence – building on high ground allowed people the chance to look out for enemies and Aspect & shelter and The economic factors include; Communications – settlements often located next to rivers that allowed

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