What is Zappos Rewards program?

Zappos.com announced its first loyalty program, Zappos Rewards, a four-tier benefits program. The progression-based program will allow customers to earn Rewards Points toward future purchases, get free expedited shipping on all orders and receive early access to exclusive products and sales.Click to see full answer. Moreover, how do Zappos rewards work?The amount of points a customer receives depends on how they interact with the site. Shoppers get 10 points for every $1 spent on a purchase, 50 points just for logging into Zappos.com on any device, and 100 points for writing a review. Members can redeem 1,000 points for $1 in rewards codes.Additionally, does Zappos VIP cost money? ZAPPOS VIP PROGRAM (“ZAPPOS VIP”) FAQs. How do I join Zappos VIP? It’s free to join, simply join here. You can also email or live chat us or call us 24/7 at 1-866-427-2246! One may also ask, how do you earn points on Zappos? Ways to earn points: Earn 10 points per every $1 spent on a purchase. Earn 50 points for logging into Zappos.com on any device* Earn 100 points when you help other Zappos.com shoppers by writing a review. Does Zappos still have VIP?You’re still getting Free Next Business Day Shipping. But to get the all-new perks mentioned above, simply sign up for the new version of Zappos VIP—it’s FREE and easy to join! If you never officially joined Zappos Rewards, you still may have earned points that you’ll receive if you join the all-new VIP program.

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