What kind of fish is orata?

bream Click to see full answer. People also ask, what does orata fish taste like?Little wonder. Dorade is a small fish with tender white flesh, shimmering silver skin and, when grilled or braised, a rich, succulent, meaty flavor, similar to that of pompano or red snapper.Additionally, what is the fish Dorada in English? Baked Bream or Dorada al Horno is a delicious Spanish lunch. Dorada (or Gilt-Head Bream in English) is a very common fish here in Spain. It was the first fish that I was served whole that I absolutely fell in love with. Just so, is Dorade fish healthy? The dorade is a lean fish and an excellent source of high quality protein and provides a considerable amount of folic acid, vitamins B9 and B12, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magne- sium and potassium.What type of fish is sea bream? Sparidae

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