What kind of verb is prefer?What kind of verb is prefer?

“Prefer” is one of a set of verbs that can be followed by another verb either in the infinitive form or in the gerund form; that is, we can say “I prefer to live in the country (infinitive) or “I prefer living in the country” (gerund).Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what kind of word is prefer?verb (used with object), pre·ferred, pre·fer·ring. to set or hold before or above other persons or things in estimation; like better; choose rather than: to prefer beef to chicken. Law. to give priority, as to one creditor over another.Beside above, is prefer an action verb? Verbs to Express Being Examples are the “be” verbs, like: am, are, was, were, is, has been, and had. Referring to the senses, some non-action words are: look, smell, feel, taste, and sound. More examples of non action words are: prefer. Just so, how do you use verb prefer? Note that prefer is a transitive verb. That means it must be followed by an object. The object of a verb can be a noun, an –ing form (gerund) or a to-infinitive. Study the examples: I prefer bikes to cars. I prefer reading to writing. I prefer walking instead of driving. I prefer to walk rather than drive. Is prefer singular or plural?If you mean a collection of individuals, then use prefer (plural). Example: A majority prefer bloc voting on national officials. Example: A majority oppose the issuance of a national ID. If you mean a collective whole acting as one, then use prefers (singular).

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