What nationality is Carol Channing?

American Click to see full answer. Likewise, is Stockard Channing married? David Rawle m. 1982–1988 David Debin m. 1976–1980 Paul Schmidt m. 1969–1976 Walter Channing m. 1964–1967 Subsequently, question is, who is Carol Channing’s son? Channing Carson Similarly one may ask, was Carol Channing African descent? Channing was born in Seattle, Washington on January 31, 1921, the only child of Adelaide (née Glaser; 1886–1984) and George Channing (1888–1957). Her father, who was born George Christian Stucker, was multiracial (African-American and Euro-American) and changed his surname due to religious reasons before Carol’s birth.Does Stockard Channing have a daughter?Channing has been married and divorced four times; she has no children.

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