What new technology made the growth of skyscrapers possible?

What new technology made the growth of skyscrapers possible? With steel girders, durable plate glass, and the passenger elevator available by the 1880s, the growth of skyscrapers became possible.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, how did New technologies make the building of skyscrapers possible?Architects were able to design taller buildings because of two factors: the invention of elevators and the development of internal steel skeletons to bear the weight of buildings. He called the new breed of sky- scraper a “proud and soaring thing.”Secondly, what invention allowed buildings to be built higher than 5 stories? In New York around 1875, the elevator enabled an increase in building height to about eleven stories. Hereof, what made the growth of skyscrapers possible? It was, however, the refinement of the Bessemer process, first used in the United States in the 1860s, that allowed for the major advance in skyscraper construction. As steel is stronger and lighter in weight than iron, the use of a steel frame made possible the construction of truly tall buildings.Who was involved in the development of skyscrapers?The building of tall buildings in the 1880s gave the skyscraper its first architectural movement the Chicago School, which developed what has been called the Commercial Style. The architect, Major William Le Baron Jenney, created a load-bearing structural frame.

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