What should I buy for my hamster?

What Do I Need For A Hamster? A cage large enough for your species of hamster. A food bowl. A water bottle. A suitably-sized exercise wheel. Toys. A sand bath. Scales. Food. Click to see full answer. Thereof, what do you need to buy for a hamster? Supply Shopping List A Suitable Cage. Commercial cages, DIY cages, converted furniture, aquariums and terrariums are all options for hamsters owners. Safe Substrate. Hamster Food. Toys. Travel Cage (Traveller) Safe Bedding. Water Bottle or Bowl. Wooden Pet Chews. Secondly, what are some good hamster names? If your hamster is female, you might find a good name among these ideas. Aggy. Amber. Amelia. Andromeda. Angelica. Agnus. Annie. Apple. People also ask, what do you need for a Syrian hamster? What They’ll Need Cage: Hamsters need a lot of room. Exercise wheel: Hamsters are full of energy and can run up to 9 miles in a day, so a wheel is essential to keep them happy. House: Syrian hamsters need a house in their cage so that they can hide away and sleep in peace. Is it easy to take care of a hamster?Start by purchasing everything you need for your hamster, like its cage, food, water, bedding and exercise wheel, then bring your hamster home. You’ll want to make the transition as easy as possible as it can be stressful for a hamster to go from a pet store or a shelter or a rescue to your home.

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