What tools do I need for fencing?

Here are nine tools that I like to have on hand when embarking on any fence-repair project. Electric Drill. Post Hole-Digger Or Auger. Digging Bar. Shovel. A Lot Of Drill Bits. Hammer. Pliers (Multiple Pairs!) Wagon. Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what materials do you need to put up a fence? Fence Materials and Tools Checklist DIY Fencing Kit. Stakes and String. Tape Measure. Torpedo Level. Circular Saw. Ready Mix Concrete (1½ bags per post) Post Hole Digger. Digging/Tamping Bar. Also Know, do you need a permit to put up a fence? Fence Building Permits. A Building Permit may be required for front, side and boundary fences. Depending on where the fence will be located there may also be different height requirements. If your fence is within 9m of a street intersection it must not exceed 1m in height. People also ask, is building a fence hard? The technical aspects of installing a fence are not “hard”, putting it in is hard work. If your husband is generally handy, he should be able to install a fence if he is willing to do the manual labor to complete the job, especially now where you can get the pre-assembled sections of fencing.How deep should a fence post be? 2 feet

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