What town is alpine valley in?

Alpine Valley Resort is an all-season resort in the north central United States, located in the Town of Lafayette, Walworth County, Wisconsin. Southwest of Milwaukee, it has a golf course and alpine skiing; its longest run is 2,500 feet (0.47 mi; 0.76 km) in length.Click to see full answer. Just so, who owns Alpine Valley ski?It is currently owned by Wisconsin Resorts, Inc. Eventually, the resort grew to include an amphitheater, which became Alpine Valley Music Theatre. It was at Alpine Valley 30 years ago in 1990 that guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and four others were killed in a helicopter crash on the side of the ski hill.Furthermore, when was Alpine Valley built? Alpine Valley Music Theatre is a 37,000-capacity amphitheater located on County Highway D in East Troy, Wisconsin. The seasonal venue was built in 1977 and it features a characteristic wooden roof, covering the 7,500-seat pavilion and a sprawling lawn. In respect to this, how far is Alpine Valley from Chicago? 73 miles Who bought Alpine Valley?Daytona Beach, Florida-based Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co. announced it has acquired Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Walworth County for $7.5 million. The property, which includes a 37,000-person capacity amphitheater and 150 acres of green space, was purchased from an affiliate of Milwaukee-based Zilber Ltd.

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