What type of plants have male and female flowers on the same plant?

Monoecious is a condition when male and female reproductive organs are found on the same plant but on two different branches. For example Zea mays. Hermaphordite is a condition in which a flower contains both androecium and gynoecium whorls.Click to see full answer. Simply so, what plants have both male and female flowers?Flowers that contain both androecium and gynoecium are called hermaphroditic. Examples of plants with perfect or bisexual flowers include the lily, rose, and most plants with large showy flowers, though a perfect flower does not have petals or sepals.Similarly, do all plants have both male and female reproductive organs? Most plants have both female and male reproductive organs inside the same flower; thus, they can produce both sperm and eggs. This kind of flowers are called hermaphrodites and among these are some of the best-known plants, such as tomatoes, roses or peppers. Keeping this in consideration, why do some plants have male and female flowers on separate plants? The “male” portion of the flower is the pollen-loaded stamen, while the egg-holding pistil is the “female” part. Most plants sprout bisexual flowers (which have both male and female parts), but plants like squash grow separate male and female flowers — still others have both bisexual and single-sex flowers.What flower represents bisexuality?The flower is native to most of the temperate regions of North America and the white trillium adopted by Ontario grows mainly in the eastern region. In recent years the trillium has been put forward as a symbol for bisexuality.

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