What was Sir Francis Drake timeline?

Timeline: Important dates 1540 Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon. 1560 Francis Drake becomes a captain. 1567–72 Voyages to Africa, America and the West Indies. 1577–80 Francis Drake sails around the world. 1581–85 Drake goes into politics: He becomes Mayor of Plymouth and a Member of Parliament for Plymouth. Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, what did Sir Francis Drake discover?Sir Francis Drake is best known for circumnavigating Earth (1577–80), preying on Spanish ships along the way. Later he was credited for his defense of England by raiding Spain’s harbour at Cádiz in 1587 and (according to many sources) by disrupting the Spanish Armada in the English Channel with fire ships in 1588.Furthermore, how long was Sir Francis Drake voyage? The Famous Voyage: The Circumnavigation of the World, 1577-1580 Top of Page Home >> Digitized Rare Books >> Drake Biography Find in Rare Book Reading Room Researchers Web Pages All Library of Congress Pages The Library of Congress >> Researchers August 31, 2010 Legal | External Link Disclaimer Contact Us: Ask a Librarian One may also ask, when did Sir Francis Drake return? English seaman Francis Drake returns to Plymouth, England, in the Golden Hind, becoming the first British navigator to sail the earth. On December 13, 1577, Drake set out from England with five ships on a mission to raid Spanish holdings on the Pacific coast of the New World.What was Sir Francis Drake education?Drake received some education, and he later learned the basics of navigation (getting a ship from one place to another by plotting position and direction) and seamanship and did some sailing near his home. The Drakes were related to the Hawkins family of Plymouth, England, who were well-to-do seamen and shipowners.

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