What was the American Colonization Society founded?

1817, Washington, D.C., United States Click to see full answer Also asked, why was the American Colonization Society founded?The American Colonization Society (ACS) was formed in 1817 to send free African-Americans to Africa as an alternative to emancipation in the United States. In 1822, the society established on the west coast of Africa a colony that in 1847 became the independent nation of Liberia.Secondly, what was the American Colonization Society created to encourage? The creation of the American Colonization Society galvanized free blacks to claim their rights as Americans and demand that they receive the same freedoms as white citizens of the country. Stanton and Mott argued for social equality for women, including fair pay and equal opportunities. Regarding this, what was the primary focus of the American Colonization Society? In an effort to resolve the debate over slavery in the United States, a diverse group of antislavery activists founded the American Colonization Society (ACS) in 1817. The organization’s goal was to remove both free and enslaved African Americans from the United States and transport them to Africa.Who opposed the American Colonization Society?Most black abolitionists consistently opposed the ACS from its founding. Beginning in the 1830s, most white abolitionists joined them, criticizing colonization as a slaveholders’ scheme and the Society’s works as palliative propaganda to facilitate the continuation of slavery in the United States.

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