What was the Archaic period known for?

Archaic period. Archaic period, in history and archaeology, the earliest phases of a culture; the term is most frequently used by art historians to denote the period of artistic development in Greece from about 650 to 480 bc, the date of the Persian sack of Athens.Click to see full answer. Also question is, what were the achievements of the Archaic period?The Archaic period saw advancements in political theory, especially the beginnings of democracy, as well as in culture and art. The knowledge and use of written language which was lost in the Dark Ages was re-established. The Dark Ages were as unenlightening as they may sound.Also, which was a Greek colony founded in the Archaic period? The Greeks began to colonize and settle in areas outside of the Greek mainland during the Archaic Period. The first colony outside of the Aegean Sea was at the Bay of Naples in Italy around 750 BC, the second, at Syracuse on the Island of Sicily. In respect to this, what were the major developments of the archaic age? The Archaic period saw developments in Greek politics, economics, international relations, warfare, and culture. It also laid the groundwork for the classical period, both politically and culturally. During this time, the Greek alphabet developed, and the earliest surviving Greek literature was composed.What statues became important during the Archaic period?In the Archaic Period the most important sculptural form was the kouros (plural kouroi), the standing male nude (See for example Biton and Kleobis).

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