What’s abc1 mean?

From Longman Business DictionaryABC1ABC1 noun [uncountable] MARKETING the top three social and economic groups in society – used especially in marketing surveys of what kind of person buys a productThe average reader of the magazine is an ABC1 male. Explore Advertising & marketing Topic.Click to see full answer. People also ask, what is an abc1 audience? Meaning of ABC1 in English in the UK, a consumer from one of the three higher social and economic groups, which consist of people who have more education and better-paid jobs than those in other groups: The advertising campaign targets ABC1s.Similarly, how many abc1 adults are there in the UK? A huge 60% of UK adults are now classed as ABC1. That’s around 30 million people. Beside above, what does abc1 and c2de mean? non working. State pensioners, casual and lowest grade workers, unemployed with state benefits only. 8% 10% The grades are often grouped into ABC1 and C2DE; these are taken to equate to middle class and working class, respectively.What does AB mean in social class?AB. Higher & intermediate managerial, administrative, professional occupations.

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