What’s the difference between Otherkin and therian?

What is the difference between ‘therian’ and ‘otherkin’? – Quora. Otherkin are those who feel they are non-human in mind/spirit. Therians are those who feel they are, specifically, non-human animals (of identifiable species) in mind/spirit. So, otherkin may encompass those who feel they are elves, dragons, angels etc.Click to see full answer. Simply so, are Otherkin furries?Otherkin feel that deep down inside, they are something nonhuman, spiritually, psychologically, or something else. Furry is more of an umbrella term for a person that frequently likes to roleplay or a persona as something nonhuman.Similarly, how do you know if you are a therian? No single behavior, shift, dream, or other experience will determine if you are Therian. There should be multiple experiences that lead you to identify as non-human. Keep in mind that we are biologically and physically human. Likewise, people ask, what is the difference between a furry and a therian? A therian is someone who identifies as an animal(aka someone who experiences therianthropy). A furry is someone who likes anthropomorphic animals, this affinity can be for the art, costumes(fursuits), videogames, etc. A furry usually has a fursona representation of themself but isn’t required.Are humans Therians?Therians, or therianthropes, are people who identify, in some intrinsic way, as an animal that exists or has existed on earth. They may end up behaving more like an animal or seem completely human.

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