What’s wrong with my African violet?What’s wrong with my African violet?

Excessively dry or overly wet soil can make African violets wilt. When the potting soil for African violets is too dry, the leaves wilt because they aren’t getting enough water, but African violet leaves also wilt when the soil is too wet. The roots need air as well as water, and soggy soil drowns roots.Click to see full answer. Consequently, how do you revive an African violet?Remove the plant from its pot, and gently remove as much of the old soil from it as you can with your fingers. Because African violet roots break easily, try to keep the damage to a minimum. Trim away rotting portions of the roots, and repot the plant in a clean pot that has bottom drainage holes.Also, how do I know if my African violet is healthy? You can tell if your violet has proper sunlight by checking the leaves. In too much sunlight, the leaves turn yellow and the edges burn. In too little sunlight, the leaves will appear to be a healthy green, but there will be no blooms. Check your African violet and adjust its exposure to sunlight accordingly. People also ask, why are the leaves on my African violet limp? Over-watering is the most common way that people kill their African violets. Leaf or flower loss, limp plants, and crown and stem rot are all results of too much water. Insufficient watering causes roots to shrivel and die, the plant to lose vigor and color, and then collapse.How long do African violets live? 50 years

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