When should I replace my anode rod in my RV water heater?

The Anode Rod is part of the Suburban Water Heater’s drain plug. It should be checked at least once a year and should be replaced when half of the rod has been corroded away. If you wait to change the rod until it is totally corroded you stand a chance of corrosive damage to the tank.Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, does my RV Water Heater need an anode rod?Why You Need An Anode Rod In Your RV Water Heater. If you have a Suburban water heater, the tank is porcelain-lined steel and requires an anode rod to prevent corrosion of the steel tank. If you have an Atwood water heater, your water heater tank is aluminum and does not require one.Secondly, how long do RV anode rods last? about one to two years Similarly, you may ask, how do I know if my anode rod is bad? Water looks rusty and smells bad If this is the case, the tank and anode rods need to be checked, determine which is the culprit and repair or replace. Bad odor in water. This is also caused by sediment.Is magnesium anode rod better than aluminum?For harder water an aluminum anode rod is the best choice for your heater and if you live in an area with soft water then a magnesium anode rod is your best choice. Aluminum anodes tend to be cheaper than magnesium anode rods. A magnesium rod will generally last less than an aluminum rod.

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