When should I split my agapanthus?

You can divide potted agapanthus either in early autumn before the leaves die down, or in late spring just before they start to grow (making sure that each division has one or two growing points).Click to see full answer. In this way, should agapanthus be divided? When to Split Agapanthus Do the actual division when new growth emerges in spring, or else in early autumn after the plants have finished flowering. This timing works for deciduous plants too. However, these should only be divided every 6 to 8 years.Secondly, should agapanthus be cut back? Cutting Back Agapanthus: How to Prune Agapanthus Deciduous varieties – Cut back agapanthus stems to about 4 inches above the ground at the end of the blooming season. However, if you like the texture and structure that spent plants provide to the winter landscape, cutting back agapanthus can wait until early spring. Similarly, when can I transplant agapanthus? A: Many find agapanthus blooms best when slightly crowded in a bed or slightly pot-bound, but often they do benefit when divided every four years or so. Dig the clumps in spring or fall: Carefully separate divisions with roots, cut the foliage back by half and replant.Why did my agapanthus not flower this year?Growing conditions – If your agapanthus doesn’t bloom, it may be craving sunlight, as agapanthus needs at least six hours per day. The only exception is a very hot climate, where the plant may benefit from shade during the peak of the afternoon. Be sure the soil drains well, or the plant may rot.

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