When was the Northwest Territory eligible for statehood?

STEPS TO STATEHOOD When a territory’s population reaches 5,000 free male inhabitants of voting age, it elects a territorial legislature and sends a nonvoting delegate to Congress. Once a territory’s population increases to 60,000 free inhabitants, it becomes eligible for statehood and can draft a state constitution.Click to see full answer. Moreover, when did the Northwest Territories become states?July 13, 1787Additionally, what were the requirements of territories to become a state under the Northwest Ordinance? The Northwest Territory must eventually comprise a minimum of three and a maximum of five states; an individual territory could be admitted to statehood in the union after having attained a population of 60,000. Keeping this in view, when did Territory apply for statehood? Once sixty thousand people resided in a territory, they could apply for statehood. The people could form a constitutional convention, draft a state constitution, and then submit the document to the United States Congress for approval.When was the Northwest Ordinance passed? 1787

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