Where are MasterBrand Cabinets made?

Parent: Fortune Brands Home & Security Click to see full answer. Simply so, who makes diamond cabinets?Diamond is a subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., an industry leader that comprises a breadth of quality cabinet brands. Since 1926, MasterBrand Cabinets has earned its reputation as one of America’s top cabinetmakers, and Diamond has contributed significantly to this achievement. where are Thomasville cabinets made? Thomasville Cabinetry is manufactured by MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., the largest cabinet manufacturer in North America and sold exclusively at The Home Depot stores nationwide. Thomasville Cabinetry holds certification from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program. Also, are Kemper Cabinets good quality? Kemper are a mid/low range cabinet producer and that means the quality can be a little poor. You can’t expect the cabinets to last as long as some of their competitors because the materials and craftsmanship isn’t there. However that doesn’t mean Kemper aren’t providing good value to your home.How much do diamond cabinets cost? You can expect to get anywhere from 65% to 80% return on your cabinet and kitchen remodel investment when you sell your home. Cabinets help define the looks and usability of your kitchen. Kitchen Cabinet Prices Per Linear Foot. Linear Foot Per Unit Semi-Custom $150-$650 $250-$800+ Custom $500-$1,200 $500+

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