Where did Janie nanny live?

Janie is raised by her grandmother Nanny, and never meets her mother or father. She and Nanny live in a white family’s backyard, and Janie is raised with the children who live there. She believes that she is white until she sees a picture of herself one day, and becomes terribly upset.Click to see full answer. Hereof, what happened to Nanny in Their Eyes Were Watching God?Janie’s grandmother has no name. She is simply “Nanny” to Janie because that is what the white children that she takes care of call her. Born into slavery, Nanny tells Janie her life story when the girl is sixteen. Nanny fled the plantation to escape a brutal beating promised by her mistress.One may also ask, what chapter does nanny die in Their Eyes Were Watching God? Summary: Chapter 3 She sends Janie on her way, again telling her that, in time, she will develop feelings for Logan. After Janie leaves, Nanny prays to God to care for Janie, saying that she, Nanny, has done the best that she could. A month later, she dies. Keeping this in consideration, how did Nanny influence Janie? Nanny and her daughter have both had difficult lives. Her greatest desire is a better life for Janie and for Janie to have a voice. Nanny thinks that marriage to a respected man who owns his own land will give this to Janie. Janie listens to her grandmother and marries a man by the name of Logan Killicks.Where do Janie and Joe move to?The name of the town to which Jody and Janie moved is Eatonville, Florida. Joe Starks is an ambitious black man who has “been workin’ for white folks all his life”. He had always wanted to be “a big voice”, but wherever he has gone, it is the white people who “had all the sayso”.

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