Where do most cranberries grow?

Location. Cranberries are grown through the northern part of the United States. The major production areas are New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Quebec.Click to see full answer. Consequently, where do cranberries grow best?Most cranberries grown in the U.S. come from Wisconsin, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington. Steve’s farm is located in Southern New Jersey, which has the best soil conditions in the state for harvesting. Lee Brothers Cranberry Farm has a long history with cranberries.Likewise, where is the cranberry capital of the world? Bandon Similarly, how do cranberries grow and get harvested? Cranberries are harvested in one of two ways, wet harvest or dry harvest. Most cranberries are wet harvested when the field is flooded, but a few are dry harvested with a mechanical picker, to be sold as fresh fruit. When fields are going to be wet harvested, the field is flooded.What state is the biggest producer of cranberries? Wisconsin

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