Where does blue pine come from?

What makes the new shipment of Campground Blue Pine especially interesting is that it comes from pine trees killed by the ongoing mountain pine beetle epidemic throughout the American West. The beetles have killed some 150 million acres of pine, leaving dead trees standing from Mexico through Canada.Click to see full answer. Then, what causes blue pine?A: Blue stain is a common fungus that infects the sapwood of freshly sawn boards causing a blue discoloration in pine. The infestation most often occurs during the summer months when freshly sawn boards are exposed to the open air before kiln drying. The color can range from a striking blue to a dull gray or black.Furthermore, what does beetle kill pine look like? A fungus carried by the pine beetle infects and eventually kills the tree, a side effect of this fungus is the “blue” discoloration in varying amounts in the wood. A typical log that produces blue stain boards is only “blue-colored” in the outer-most 2″ or so of the tree. what is blue pine? Blue pine treated timber Blue pine has been treated with synthetic pyrethroids to resist borers and termites. The treatment is usually water-based, and better for the environment than many other treatments.What is blue stain in timber?Blue stain is a common cause for the discoloration of lumber. Certain dark-colored microscopic fungi cause a bluish or grayish discoloration in the sapwood of the tree. Common stain shades can be blue to bluish black or gray to brown.

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